Five influencers that edtech and learning services marketers should follow

Five influencers that edtech and learning services marketers should follow

If you’re responsible for marketing edtech, training, or elearning services you need to stay up to date on both L&D and marketing. Here are my five top recommendations for who to follow in 2021 to keep yourself informed.

Nick Shackleton-Jones

If you’re a business owner or marketer of learning services you’ll want a big say in product development. Shackleton-Jones’ 2019 book ‘How People Learn’ offers fascinating perspectives on how providers can make learning more effective. If you want to challenge learning myths and help your organisation develop training services that really work, Shackleton-Jones is a must to follow on Twitter.

Mark Ritson

There are many reasons to follow the Marketing Week columnist and brand consultant. His videos on LinkedIn help marketers better understand complex marketing concepts. Plus there’s a bonus, you’ll have aLearning Now TV great example of how to market learning services using social media and video. Ritson actively engages with comments, and his videos are great content marketing - useful whilst being easily digestible. 

LearningNow TV

Presented by L&D experts Nigel Paine and Kate Graham, LearningNow TV provides a magazine-type show that offers brilliant and timely insights on the world of L&D with interesting guests. To better understand your L&D customers and the sector generally, follow them on Twitter to catch the programme each month.

Donald H Taylor

The Learning and Performance Institute's chair publishes his annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey. It takes the pulse of the L&D community world-wide by asking. “What will be hot in workplace L&D next year?” Follow Donald and check out the results for 2021 to have more informed conversations with customers.


Webinars will continue to be an important tool to engage prospects in 2021. As a software service, ON24 is a cobbler with polished shoes with great webinars on, well how to do great webinars. Brilliant presenter Mark Bornstein offers a masterclass on webinar presentation by, you’ve guessed it, presenting great webinars on how to produce great webinars.

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