Take this quiz to get your marketing score

Take this quiz to get your marketing score

Is your marketing for training services getting results?

Take this quick quiz and get a free tailor-made report on how to enhance marketing effectiveness for your training service. 

At Achieve B2B Marketing we've put together a quick quiz that can help you identify where you can improve your marketing. 

  • Scorecard doughnutIt takes just 5 minutes
  • It’s completely free
  • Receive customised results instantly

You'll get a score for five key areas of your marketing:

  • Planning
  • Pricing
  • Tactics
  • Skills and Reputation
  • Understanding Customers

When you complete the quiz you get a score for each area sent directly to your inbox, with, tips for how to improve your score, and links to articles that will help you with each area.

Take the quiz here: https://achieveb2bmarketing.scoreapp.com/


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